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Robert W. Good and Scott Bucy, Attorneys at Law is an Ashland, Oregon law firm specializing in serving the legal needs of the community. Our firm’s focus is on the legal issues that commonly arise in people’s lives, from estate planning, wills, trusts and probate to family law matters such as divorce, custody, child and spousal support and parenting time. In addition, we assist small businesses, including setting up corporations, LLCs and other entities while handling the array of legal issues that arise for existing businesses.

As a small, local, and long-established firm, we give personalized attention to your legal issues, keep your costs low, and deliver highly effective representation. Whether you are going through a complicated divorce or preparing a simple will, we will empower your decision-making and clearly explain your options. Robert Good’s 28 years of experience serving the legal needs of Jackson County communities will provide you with the sound legal counsel you deserve. Call 541-482-3763 or email us at reception@goodashlandlaw.com to schedule a consultation. We look forward to working with you!