What happens during an initial consultation with an attorney?

The first time you meet with an attorney is often referred to as a “consultation.” At this initial meeting, or consultation, you will typically go to the attorney’s office to meet face-to-face to discuss your legal issue. This first meeting is very important, as it is your chance to determine whether or not you and the attorney are a good fit for each other. Many factors play into that determination: Does this attorney have enough experience handling my kind of case? Does this attorney have the time/capacity to effectively represent me? Do the attorney and I get along/are we a match personality wise? Do I get along well with the lawyer’s staff? Do they respect me and treat me well? Could I see myself working comfortably with the lawyer and office staff for what could be a length of time? All of these are really important questions to ask. It’s also important to know that coming in for a consultation does not commit you to a long-term relationship with a lawyer – it’s ok if you decide not to hire the lawyer, and it may also be the case that all of the legal advice you needed you received during that consultation.

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